About Us


Kilkenny Castings began manufacturing thermostat housings in 1972 with an initial product range of just four different model housings.


Over the ensuing period, we have added to the range and now produce around 200 different housings. This makes us the largest manufacturer of thermostat housings in the market.


Since 1972, we have expanded our product range to now include: Water Pump Backing Plates, Timing Covers, Rocker Covers, Tensioner Pulleys, Brass Adaptors and more.


We are based in South Australia - with our Head Office in Woodville and Foundry in Kilkenny. But we trade both nationally and overseas (principally to the UK and New Zealand).


We are happy to make any automotive, cast aluminum, zinc or brass item, for which there is sufficient interest.


Kilkenny Castings is a Quality Assured company and have received Quality Assurance Accreditation to AS/NZ ISO 9002:2008. We maintain rigorous auditing of our systems to continually improve our performance, both as Manufacturers and Wholesalers of quality products.


We are committed to producing quality products at very competitive prices and providing excellent point of sale and after sale service.


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